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The Budget Development Process:

The budget development process begins each year in January and continues through June and is a collaborative process involving many stakeholders including school personnel, School Site Council, the Budget Advisory Committee, the Health, Safety and Facilities Committee, the Business Manager, the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees. During this time period, district administrators work with stakeholders to determine enrollment projections and anticipated programmatic changes. The Budget Advisory Committee analyzes these goals and translates them into a financial plan. Typically, the Budget Advisory Committee makes a budget recommendation to the Board of Trustees in May. The Board of Trustees adopts a budget at the last Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting of the year in June. Once adopted, the budget is reviewed by the County Office of Education and then submitted to the California Department of Education (CDE).Go to the Budget Development Timeline».

The budget reflects the labor and material resources required to fulfill the goals and objectives outlined by the board of trustees. The budget serves as an operational plan, stated in financial terms, for carrying out the goals of the district.

During the budget year, districts are required to submit to the CDE two progress reports, or Interim Financial Reports, which reflect its ability to meet the financial obligations set in the budget and its overall financial health.
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